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You know mindfulness has become trendy when someone tries to sell you a mattress with it. I was on the New York City subway yesterday and saw this, uh, interesting ad from a mattress startup: “Let your thoughts pass…like air…through our cool breathable foam.” They called it a “beditation.”

Somewhere, the Buddha is rolling his eyes.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad mindfulness and meditation are becoming so popular. Their benefits are enormous, and the more people know and care about them, the better. But as the interest in mindfulness grows and companies crank out mindfulness-related content to meet that demand, I’m seeing some issues with quality control.

The people producing this mindfulness content aren’t always experienced mindfulness practitioners, and they sometimes get things wrong. Without meaning to, they’re spreading meditation myths and misunderstandings that can cause confusion or mess up people’s practice.

In this video, I tackle three meditation myths I see floating around these days. Take a look below.

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